The Office offers a variety of services to students who are freshmen at Beigang campus of China Medical University. These include intangible services such as protecting student’s learning rights on campus and fostering a cohort of intellectuals or balanced, well developed social beings ready to contribute what they have learned to the society after graduation. The mission is clearly specified and guided in the school motto – Compassion, Prudence, Diligence, and Integrity – in our endeavors to help our students develop a unique personality and capability.

Roughly the tangible services comprise an exhaustive list of categories. They are college life guidance, dormitory living, campus security and safety, emergency relief, health care insurance, awards and penalty regulators, part-time job offering, extracurricular activities, scholarships and financial aid, student societies, services for international students and overseas Chinese, health care and its education, student counseling services, health checkups, medical consultation service, and students meal committee. The Office currently houses four major sections that undertake the entire tangible services: extra curriculum, health care, campus security, and dormitory living.