Health Care

Health care, directed by Miss Li Hui-zhen, is an important section that is highly connected with students’ daily safety and well-being on campus. The section offers emergency first-aid to students who hurt themselves accidently on campus. If the injury is substantial, Miss Li will pass the patient onto Ma Zu Hospital across the teaching building for a thorough checkup and diagnosis. This section also monitors the transmission of contagious diseases by providing a variety of lectures, on-line broadcasts, and announcements. Gender education to eliminate sex discrimination and campus sexual harassment, psychological counseling for early prevention, health checkup monitoring, health promotion activities, and campus restaurant sanitary monitoring are all parts of the missions the section is set up for. Miss Li can be reached by a walk-in visit at the Joint-operation Office on the first floor of the teaching building or calling at (05) 7833-039 Ext. 1200.