Staffs and Duties

Section Chief
Yang, Hsien-hui
05-7833039 ext.1102
Deputy: Hsu, Kuei-feng
  1. Administering campus academic works such as teaching and registration
  2. Endorsing official documents
  3. Issuing certificates that student apply
  4. Managing remedial teaching
  5. Supervising and helping carrying out projects to do with Teaching Excellence
  6. Attending meeting relating to teaching and registration
Hsu, Kuei-feng
05-7833039 ext.1108
Deputy: Wu, Mei-Chen
  1. Managing teaching and registration affairs for  Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, Department of Nutrition, Department of  Physical Therapy, Department of Sports Medicine,  and Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science, Department of Dental Hygiene
  2. Processing course timetabling
  3. Processing course enrollment
  4. Processing class alteration such as the makeup of missed class and change of class schedule
Wu, Mei-Chen
05-7833039 ext.1103
Deputy: Hsu, Kuei-feng
  1. Managing teaching and registration affairs for College of Public Health   Department of Public Health, Department of Health Services Administration  Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Department of Health Risk   Management;and College of Life Sciences: Department of Biological Science and Technology
  2. Managing laboratories on Beigang Campus 3. Declaring toxic chemical   substances
  3. Filing dangerous substances, organic solvent and special chemical properties
  4. Managing lab facilities and properties
  5. Maintaining the website for Academic Affairs at Beigang
Yang, Hsiu-fen
05-7833039 ext.1400
Deputy:Wu, Mei-Chen
  1. Managing teaching and registration affairs for College of Pharmacy,  School of Chinese Medicine Resources, and Department of  Cusmecuetics
  2. Processing exam applications such as question sheet printing and seat arrangement
  3. Handling summer class survey and registration
  4. Processing remedial teaching including contacting students and registration
  5. Organizing phone & address directory for teachers and staffs
  6. Handling the chalk and board eraser distributions