The LC at Beigang Campus is a section of the Language Center housed at Taichung main campus. Its missions consist of the planning for English language activities for the freshmen at Beigang Campus. Some examples of the activities include English speech contest, English synonym contest, English antonym contest, English dialogue script composing, singing contest, and invited lectures on a variety of topics on English learning and test couching.

Some other missions, in cooperation with freshman English instruction, contain a variety of services such as offering volunteer instruction, free advising, remedial teaching and assessing individual student’s needs in English learning. The Center also offers suggestions for the campus in furnishing its language teaching and learning facilities such as English corner and English audio and oral laboratories. In addition, the Center advises the purchase and use of a variety of English language software for independent English learning. For more detailed information as regards the different services the Center has been offering, please Click here: http://language.cmu.edu.tw/english/index.html.